Store loafers in an individual box, such as an exclusive box with zip by RABBIT LOAFERS. Put straightening wood blocks into the loafers.

When putting on the loafers use shoehorn, otherwise the heel counter will quickly get out of shape. Every pair of loafers RABBITLOAFERS is provided with brand-name shoehorn made of natural wood.

How to care for fabric and velour loafers?

  1. The first rule of cleaning fabric and velour loafers is to clean them dry only.
  2. Do not use heating appliances to dry fabric loafers.
  3. Do purchase a special two-sided brush: one side with rubber surface is intended for direct cleaning of velour, the other is metal one to raise pile.
  4. If fabric is heavily dirty, use special foam cleaner to clean it.
  5. New loafers shall be treated with special soaking agent – water repellent for fabric and velour shoes. After treating it with soaking agent let the loafers dry.

How to care for suede loafers?

  1. Use damp cloth to remove dirt from suede surface, then brush pile over the surface with special rubber brush.
  2. Sunlight is harmful for suede. Suede loafers discolor in the summer. Apply special aerosol paints of the same color as the suede, which have gentle impact not disrupting the suede structure.
  3. Do regularly treat suede loafers with special spray to protect them from moisture and dust.

How to care for real leather loafers?

  1. Real leather loafers shall recover every time after wearing. It takes from 24 to 48 hours to dry real leather, especially in wet season. That is why it is better to have several pairs of everyday shoes for a season.
  2. Prior to apply spray and cream, clean the loafers leather from dirt and dust with damp cloth. After the cleaning, let the loafers dry at room temperature, far from heating appliances. Use straightening blocks made of wood.
  3. Use brushes with natural pile to apply and rub the cream into the loafers leather. After that, polish them with special pile fabric.
  4. Do not wear leather sole loafers in damp and rainy weather. Therefore, provide the real leather sole with rubber protection.
  5. Patent leather shoes require special care: such leather must not be dampened. Use special agents containing shine-keeping base.